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[ about cotomono ]
Motoco Imamura (Bag Maker) born in 1974, living in Fukuoka, Japan.
I started exhibiting my bags in 2008 in various design-shops and art-spaces in Japan and overseas.

My given name is Motoco.   Motoco – > read upside down = cotomo                              cotomo + no = cotomono

In Japanese, the meaning of [coto] is individual,piece and [mono] is whole. I handcraft all my bags from design to production. I select my cloths carefully and make original pieces using the technique of silkscreen printing. I am particular about color, form and usability.  However, bag making is not a purpose for me. It is a method. A method to meet people. My bags give me the possibility to an encounter. It is my method to move myself. A beautiful thing grows up a beautiful mind. In a beautiful mind grows peace. Therefore I want to create a beautiful thing. My mind moves my hands.It is my attitude.


cotomono(カバン作家 / 今村素子)

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